This series investigates the notion of the Sublime, visually examining both its changing definitions and its place within modern society. The focus for this work lies predominantly within our contemporary definition of the Sublime, in particular its relationship to (and distinction from) the more traditional definitions laid down by philosophers Longinus, Burke and Kant, in which the immensity of Nature played a huge role.   

Visually, my aim has been to engage with the notion that the focus of the sublime has very much experienced a shift away from its preoccupation with the natural world (and the sense of awe inspired by Nature), towards what can instead be considered a more contemporary/‘consumer’ sublime, in which sublimity can be inspired by the infinite possibilities found within digital technologies and the virtual world, as well as in the wider, global possibilities of globalisation, modern science and capitalism.

These images aim to create a visual metaphor for both virtual and digital space, channeling the traditions of the Natural Sublime to establish a completely fictional space, into which the viewer starts to feel they might almost immerse themselves in and experience the Sublime.


Work from this series was exhibited from 21st - 25th June 2012 at FreeRange, the Truman Brewery, London, and also at the University College Falmouth from mid-June.