A series of constructed images investigating a disconnection with the landscape, and a longing to be elsewhere.

Each image is comprised of numerous source material, creating an ‘alien’, surreal landscape with which the viewer can never fully engage. Initially the viewer may accept these landscapes as ‘real’, yet the odd use of scale, horizons and layering undercut this acceptance, disorientating the viewer to establish a sense disconnection.

In each image the use of scale works to create an expanse, a vastness with which the viewer may struggle to engage, further emphasised by the reduced colour palette and absence of detail. Indeed, the images lack the visual information we have come to expect from traditional landscape photography, bringing the viewer to a liminal space, in which my own disconnection to the Cornish landscape is echoed.

This series was chosen as Julia Fullerton-Batten's Judge's Choice at the AOP Student Awards, 2012, and has also been featured in the British Journal of Photography as part of the June 2012 Graduate showcase.